Food colours made by REXIN LABORATORIES are used as additives in varied food preparation like Ice-Cream, Dairy Products, Confectionary, Soft Drink, Beverages, Cosmetics and Oral Medicines like Tablets, Syrups and Capsules to give them a pleasant appearance.

Our all primary food colurs are 100% Bacteria free and are approved by food & drug corporation of India. Available in the range of 85% to 95%.

Blended of Primary Colours :
REXIN LABORATORIES also offers blended colours prepared from previously certified batches of primary colours. The blends illustrated here represents only a selection of widely used blends. Blended colours can be made available to need specific requirements of a customers in terms of getting different material shades.

Metallic Lake Colours :
Generally Alluminium and Calcium lake colours of all the certified primary food colours can be offered in a range of 12% – 24% and 40%. All the lake colours are prepared from previously certified batches of the straight colour additives. Being insoluable powders, lake colours eliminate the need to sissolve. They have excellent stability over heat and light. Lake colours are widely usage in areas like food stuffs, pet foods, drugs and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, plastics, plastic films, can linings, plastic food containers, ink & stationary. REXIN LABORATORIES offers lake colours blendes as per our customers requirement